Monday, June 06, 2005

Speaking of pain...

First off, I am not a big pain person, and plan on this being my last pain-related posting for the foreseeable future. I'm starting to get worried that God is trying to get me ready for something that will hurt! =]

The comments by Tracey for the last post reminded me of some additional thoughts on the whole subject.
She commented on the need for God's grace and strength, and that got me thinking about how often God uses pain, difficulty, adversity, etc. to work on us: get our attention, further refine us, build character.

In the midst of going through something crummy, I have often thought: God, please no more - I have enough character for now, really.

And that reminded me of my reaction after watching the movie Amadeus (way back when it was in theaters!). I was struck with an overwhealming thought as I walked out of the theater: Am I willing to hurt that much, to create something that great?

Creative genius - not just goodness, or even greatness - seems to come all too often in a damaged wrapper. We can probably all think of someone who fits the description, Van Gogh? Brian Wilson? You fill in your own choice.

My career has been in the arts, and I have played it very safe. I have never thrown myself with wild, self-desructive abandon into anything. My work is good, but not close to genius.

Am I willing to pay the price? Am I wlling to hurt enough to achieve greatness?

Not yet.


prying1 9:34 PM, June 09, 2005  

re: Am I wlling to hurt enough to achieve greatness?

Not yet.

I say good for you. I do not think masochism is big on God's list. AND, how can you be humble if you achieve greatness?

Professor Steve 11:06 PM, June 09, 2005  


Good points.
The other hand of this, however, is the issue of being "sold out" for something.
Let's not put it in terms of secular success - greatness in the eyes of men - how about doing something great for God? Maybe the question could be: Would I be willing to drop my nets, and follow Him? I've been pretty much pickled in the church since birth, so I don't have a dramatic "turning from" moment in my faith, and so the sense of what I have walked away from to follow Jesus is kind of faint.
The Christian life in the U.S. can be pretty cushy, without any heavy duty demands - yet.
So, am I willing to hurt enough to do something great for God?
This is getting painful...

coco 10:08 AM, June 10, 2005  

Steve -- Tracey here. Worship Naked. Did you read my other comment as "Coco" about the new site? It just seemed from your comment on the old site that maybe you hadn't.

I'M STILL HERE--just in a different location!

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