Monday, February 02, 2009

For the Start of a New Semester

I teach at a Community College, and today is the start of our Spring semester.

Woo Whoo!

I really like my job, and see it as one of the more undeserved gifts from God in my life.

I was sitting in my office this morning, and readying myself for the day, and decided some devotional reading and prayer might be a good way to start (what a concept!), so I turned to a book I picked up cheap that is a yearly devotional on the gospel of Matthew. Today's reading is from Joseph Parker, and the last paragraph strikes me as perfect for me, for today.

What in interesting coincidence, isn't it?

Here's the quote - I think the words could be taken to heart by us all (emphasis mine):

Have you been prepared for your work? If so, why are you not doing it? We have been trained in music, yet we do little but mumble in the vocal worship of Almighty God. We have read many books, yet are silent as the grave. We have passed through many temptations, but the word of sympathy never falls from our lips. We have proved the vanity of the world, yet we never tell the young that the world is a gigantic lie and life but an empty wind apart from God and the infinite Savior. Our Lord, having been qualified for His work went to it. Arise, let us do the same.


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