Monday, October 24, 2005

Steve Needs...

I am one needy individual!

Through the wonders of the blogosphere, I ended up at Jennifer by way of Tracey, which led me to Lesslee, which introduced me to a game from Jennifer!

Got it?

Anyway, here's the game: Go to Google, and type in "(your first name) needs". Be sure to include the quotes, so you get that exact phrase, then copy and paste the first ten returns from Google.

I had no idea I needed this stuff! =]

Here's my list:

1) Steve needs a doctor


3) Steve needs a new v8-pack function. (I am not even going to ask --s)

4) Steve needs help again, please.

5) Steve needs YOUR money.

6) Steve needs you If you are a women and you like to play Ultimate (yipes!)

7) Steve needs you. That's reason enough

8) Steve needs to hurry up! This isn't nap time!

9) Steve needs to find a squirrel hitman. (Now, is that a hitman for squirrels, or a hitman that IS a squirrel? Big difference)

And finally:
10) Steve needs more money. (Especially if it's YOUR money!)


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