Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My New Motto!

A couple weeks ago, my oldest son and I were talking.

Now, I must say at this point, that #1 son is awfully bright for his age. He started talking at one year, and hasn't stopped except to read and sleep. Off the scales verbally, scary-quick memorizer, and was told by a Sunday school teacher that he has "the gift of imagination". That's my boy.

All that to say that we talk about lots of stuff on almost a peer-to-peer level. He is emotionally 7 years old, though, so there are definite lines not to be crossed.

One day we were talking about stuff, and it led from the function of our internal organs, to focusing on our digestive system, to harmful versus beneficial bacteria and viruses.

See, I told you he is not a normal 7 year old when it comes to knowledge stuff.

In the midst of this discussion, he blurted out an exclamation that floored me with it's innocent insight, and reinforced my belief that he will do something in life that expands our world's body of knowledge. I have no idea what, and it doesn't matter. I just want him to follow the path that God lays before him.

Anyway, this is what he blurted. I am not kidding.

"Every answer leads to a question!!"

If that doesn't encapsulate this glorious, awsome, mysterious universe God has placed us in, I don't know what does.

Good job, buddy.


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