Tuesday, February 01, 2005

First Things

I start a new semester today. I have a ridiculously cushy work schedule - more on that for a different post on work ethics.

The question that I consider now is this: what's my first priority as a professor?

My natural response is "don't mess up so badly that no one takes your classes ever again!" (I have issues with insecurity, fear of failure, desprerately wanting to be liked, etc). I have to fight against these tendencies if I have any hope of doing more than cashing a check and doing my time here.

I've found that the thing that transforms my teaching from a performance of my own making to something more, deeper, is to change my motive. My ongoing prayer for the duration of the semester is that - first and foremost - I would be a pleasing fragrance for Christ to my students. They'll get the nuts and bolts just fine, and learn the craft. What they need above and beyond that, however, is a glimpse of a way to live other than the nihilism of the secular campus.

May my life reflect the healer of my soul, and allow hope and love to shine a bit.

Update: I just need to say that I looked back at this post, and thought I sounded awfully good! In reality, I fall way short all the time, and mess up more times than I would care to say.


Sand 9:34 PM, April 11, 2005  

I teach and I have the same struggle. Great to hear/read that someone else feels the same. However we "keep on keeping on" in the Lord. Glad you shared this.

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