Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Emperor's Clothes

This is probably going to be the most inflamitory post I will ever make.


I want to talk about women's fashion.
My point is this: as a college professor, I see lots of young women wearing clothes/hair/etc. reflecting current average-young-person fashion, and for the most part, it's awful. By awful, I mean that it makes the person look terrible. The current awful look is low-cut jeans with short t-shirt. Why is this awful? Because, for a high percentage of women, this means that we all get to look at their stomach and upper hips hanging over their pants - not unlike your average plumber.

Why do they do this? Why wear clothes that intentionally accentuate an unattractive aspect of their bodies?

Because the pretty girls wear it.

We live in a world that intellectually denies trancendent beauty, while we all inherently respond to it. Fashion designers are infected by the same nihilism as the rest of society, and don't actively pursue "beauty", instead opting for "new" and "different". So, instead of stepping back and realizing their work is ugly or unflattering, they go on strving after more new and different and "cutting edge".

How can they get away with this? They put thier stuff on models. Pretty girls.

If someone is inherently pretty/lovely/beautiful/attractive, they will look good in just about anything. It doesn't matter if the clothes/hair/makeup is itself unattractive, because the beauty of the person will shine through, and impart that beauty to the clothes/hair/makeup. Thus, the top few percent of "elite beauties" can get away with wearing anything, and making anything look attractive to the rest of us.

That leaves the majority of young women faced with "fashionableness" meaning wearing something that looks terrible on them.

I grieve for young women these days. What a terrible dilemma to be in.


Sand 7:02 PM, April 08, 2005  

I agree with you about the way the young girls dress.
What I also have trouble with is when they are pregnant and have their tummies hanging out. I have even seen teachers in front of classes.
What happened to fashion maternity clothes ??
Yet I have to keep telling myself it is not the outside that counts--it is what is going on in the inside that counts. So...that is me dealing with "leading the Christian life"

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