Sunday, January 23, 2005

Howling at the wind

I know, I know, mixing metaphors. But it fits the point I want to make.

Is anybody reading this? By this, I mean this site, not just this post.
I've only told a few friends (very few) about this, so it's really up to random chance if anybody will read what I've written.

Now then, two questions arise from this: Is it worth it to write to (potentially) nobody? Is it random chance that would lead someone here?

The second question first. Answer: I don't truly know, but I think not. Being an orthodox (not Orthodox) Christian, I believe that God is in control. Of everything. Always. Yes, that raises a TON of issues regarding Tsunamis and parking tickets, but ultimately, it provides a solid foundation for secure reasoning. If one thing is random, then anything could be random, then nothing is secure - including God's love - which means that a lifetime of dedication/work/devotion could be vaporized by randomness. "Sorry! You were supposed to make it to Heaven, but oops! Tough luck old chap." There is offered to us security and certitude. There is an ultimate order and sense to things, even if we don't see it on this side of life.

So, to anyone reading this: Welcome, you were expected. I wrote this just for you. I hope it helps.

I guess that answers the first question also.


Jessica 11:35 PM, January 28, 2005  

haha! i think u r awesome and so is your blog! i love it and what you write and thank u for writing that for me and yes, apparently people are reading it!

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