Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The sting of death

I really did have lots of good intentions on posting stuff again right on the heels of my last post.

But then...

My friend Claude's 18 year old daughter dies at a concert.

My friend Bruce's wife dies of a heart attack (age 46).

My Colleague Rick's wife dies of cancer.

And worst of all...
Christmas day, 2005. The phone rings.
"Holly Jolly Christmas!" I blab like a fool (I'm good at the fool thing).
"Hey, this is Jay" (I was best man at his wedding). "I'm sorry to mess up Christmas, but Dee and I are at the hospital. Last night, something wasn't right with the pregnancy. Dee couldn't feel the baby move." (Dee was less than a month away from bearing their first child, a son.) "Anyway, something went wrong, and the baby died."

Death, here's your sting. Damn you.
Sooner rather than later, please.

Elijah Jay.
2005 to 2005.
Now, waiting for us on the far side of the Jordan.

Even in this, God is working redemption. There will be a school in India bearing Elijah's name. It will be reaching and teaching the Untouchables, pounding a nail in the coffin of the caste system.

I'll be back.


Collin Brendemuehl 7:19 AM, August 09, 2006  

Grace does become far more than just a doctrine during these times.
Enjoy His goodness.



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